[TUT] Root Galaxy Mini 2 without PC

Hi guys, this is my first tut here, about an alternative way for rooting my S6500D...

Q : Why do I need this? There is a better and easy way already using CWM....
A : This tut will only give you root access, without a busybox, CWM, etc. If you want Root+BB+CWM, please follow an other TUTs.

Okey, Here we go...

This TUT is based on "poot" exploit created by giantpune from androidforums.com (We should thanks him/her)
He/She create this exploit for LG Optimus Elite originally, but mod it to work for several phone model.
He said that this exploit will work on android version 2.3.5 - 2.3.7. Thats why I try this on Jena 

Giantpune from androidforums, posted original application and some modded apk to work with other phone.
To respect his work and his thread, I only attached a working apk that root my Mini 2.
And provide his thread's link, so you can download all poot apks from there, thanks him and his team, and maybe donating him.

Here is the link : http://androidphonesfan.blogspot.com/2013/08/optimus-elite-root-with-apk.html

Requirement :
- poot-debug.apk for h866c (Huawei ascend Y). I tried another version, but fail.
- Ministro II. You can download it from Playstore.
- Please remove your SD card.

Step by step :

1. Install Ministro II from Play Store.

2. Install poot-debug.apk for h866c. I already attached it.

3. Create Poot shortcut to Home.

4. Turn on USB Debugging in the Settings>Application>Developement

5. Open Poot, it will request to download some Ministro library. This library needed by poot to work. You will need an internet connection.

6. After all library downloaded, close Poot. Its better to reboot our phone first.

7. Let the phone boot completely. If you have much app installed, kill all running app, so nothing can interrupt this exploit.

8. Open Poot, tap "Press Here to Poot" button.

- If the phone reboot suddenly, try again this step.
- If Poot app show an error log, like error : 87 or 22, reboot your phone and try again.
- If it still fail, try to reboot your phone. When lockscreen showed up, immediately unlock it while system scanning storage. Open Poot quickly (thats why I want you to put a shortcut in home). Then tap "Press Here to Poot".

9. If Poot show log like "successfully push su file to /system/xbin...bla..bla...bla", then you have successfully rooted your phone.

10. After a successful poot, Poot will show 3 option:

- Get Superuser = it will open Play Store straightly to Superuser by ChainsDD page. Install it to manage root access.
- Get Root Checker Basic = it will open Play Store to Root Checker Basic page. If you want to check root access using this app, download it.
- Built-in Root Checker = Instead of download Root Checker Basic, you can use this built in feature.

11. After Superuser installed, dont forget to update su binary file from it.

12. Its done!!! now you have a rooted Mini 2.

Note: I have tested original poot for LG Optimus Elite, Cherry W100, and PCD Venture without success. If your phone cannot be rooted with poot for h866c, I advice you to try another versions.

The advantage of this method :
- This method of rooting will not increase your custom bin, because you dont need to flash CWM.
- You dont need a PC to root Jena.

Disadvantage :
- You need to install/download Superuser by ChainsDD + BusyBox manually. This exploit only push su file (Superuser's su file by ChainDD) to /system/xbin.

Note: If you want to flash CWM, we need to wait mobile Odin compatible with our device. Therefore, if you want CWM very badly...I suggest you to flash it using PC.


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