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Applications Google TV remote controls updated on Android: voice support, easier to use interface

Google TV Remote Interface The newGoogle_TV_remoteGoogle this the new updated applications Google TV Remote for Android in the additional multiple new features and here is the first time it is udpate for the word when it ra eye restoring năm Kho hàng Còn năm 2010. Able to seek / login documents with the same time zone say this is already you can be used with features in the search Google TV 3.0. All these something you have to do that says on my phone, press the button send or search that is complete. Google are also to change the past panel as fail von much to use problem with the nodes D-Pad regular, failed to click on the choose this content easily than the more (you may xem ảnh ứng dụng the new version above but app ver older out bottom posts). All icons are also been making the new and known NET higher than. 

Microsoft update for Android applications, interface style Windows Phone

Microsoft recently refreshed applications for Android, where the most significant improvement is that the interface is now Modern style of Microsoft. When running the app, you will see the bright colors and simple, just email app on Windows Phone and similar web-based version of In addition, Microsoft also added search filter for unread messages or marked, see support in the form of email conversations, marking spam ... Android Application allows Microsoft to use multiple accounts at the same time, supports Quite Time to turn off syncing or hours depending on the conditions you specify. This software can also push email and synchronization of contacts, calendar from Android down our machine. Right now you can download for free on Google Play or scan QR code below.

QR Code leading to app for Android : QR code

Positioning your telephone

A free application to help locate Net Vietnam, share and find the phone locations quickly. As well as monitoring and supervising children. Find locations by texting syntax from a phone's basic functionality can know the current location of the phone. Special support the location of a phone without 3G or Wifi network.
With a simple interface and intuitive help users quickly become familiar with the application. The main function of the program Positioning phone in the first version:
Especially programs that support functions Hide Icon to hide from the phone program


Texting with the syntax can know the current location of your phone or your child

Download at:

[Theme] HTC interface - perfect for Sense UI ROM CyanogenMod 7


The components of this theme:
-Status Bar
-Notification Drawer
-The entire Launcher
-App Drawer
-In-App Titles
-Boot Animation
-HTC app: Claculator
-HTC app: Music
-HTC app: Teeter
-Wallpapers /backgrounds

Guide to create one complete interface Sense UI to 99% (The clock has yet to be turned over). The entire theme, app, wallpapers, ringtones, widgets, font ... to cater for this you can download at the end 

Make sure you are using the Rom CyanogenMod 7 (CM7), because only the new CM7 Theme Chooser app. What is the Theme Chooser you read the following steps :

Recommendation: Should make one backup your phone before performing.

- Step 1: (skip if you do not like the font of HTC, maybe you will get an error if you do not know how to change fonts)
Change Font. You can use ADB or Root Explorer. (Specifically, how to change the font for you to find the 4rum Android)

- Step 2:
Theme installation is complete select  done, run Theme Chooser app in your phone, select and apply NTSense. If the pop-up screen, select apply anyway.
Restart your phone if the icon has not changed.

- Step 3:
Install LP Sense UI (LP essence Launcher Pro Sense UI mod is back and on his subjective assessment smoother then this default CM7 ADW Launcher)
Press the Home key and select it as the default view settings then LP Sense UI as follows:
From the main screen:

Key Menu> Preferences> Sense Mod Configuration
Number of docks select "1"
Dock background choose "Standard"
Home button on app drawer, "markup"
Enable Auto Rotation "unchecked"
Choose effects to your home screen (this depends on each person's preferences). How to set screen effects as follows:
Key Menu> Preferences> Homescreen Settings> Transition Effect> "Rotate 2"

androi phones

Galaxy S4 HD Multi Launcher Theme v1.0

Requirements: Android O/S : 1.6+
Overview: Its the real icons, wallpapers and skin elements! the most faithful Galaxy S4 theme to the last detail!
This multi launcher theme is compatible with all five most popular launchers at the same time: GO Launcher EX, Apex Launcher, ADW Launcher, Nova Launcher and Holo Launcher.
This Galaxy S4 HD Multi Launcher Theme is especially designed to give you the look of most faithful and latest version of Galaxy S4 Touchwiz to your phone or tablet, and with extra high quality graphics using 128x128 high definition sized icons and HD wallapers to give very detailed and defined graphics no matter your device's resolution.
You need either GO, APEX, ADW, NOVA, OR HOLO LAUNCHER EX INSTALLED to use this elegant theme.
This Galaxy S4 HD Multi Launcher Theme is compatible will all phone screen resolutions, and all android versions from 2.0 up. Even 4.x.x JellyBean devices.
Characteristics of this Galaxy S4 HD Multi Launcher Theme:
HD Graphics! All the artwork has been done in the highest resolution, with the original Galaxy S4 icons & over 600 common app icons in alphabetical order done all in large 128x128 HD resolution, instead of the normal 72x72 standard icons commonly used in the themes. Most autoreplaceable. The wallpapers are also in HD resolution.
This is specially important in the higher screen resolution phones or tablets, or if you like to use the "large icons" setting in some launchers. Makes your screen look very sharp and detailed.
Special care has been taken to be the most faithful reproduction of latest Samsung's Touchwiz interface of the Galaxy S4. From the custom high definition Galaxy S4 icons & wallpapers to the details like exact matching color codes used, menu icons, the folder interface, the appdrawer, etc
Includes all the original Galaxy S4 wallpapers in HD resolution.
This theme asks of no unsafe permissions to install. No adds. No adware.
Includes Clock dial widget. For the Weather/Clock widget see bellow.
The Weather/Clock widget is not inlcuded in the theme, you can download free from Google Play. Follow the instructions in the widget's app description to install it: gs3.ish.full
The Clock dial widget is included in the theme.
This theme has close to 600 icons, but in some devices some icons may not change automatically to the theme's icons. If an icon has not been replaced to the HD version of this theme, check to see if its included in the theme & change it manually.
Set page indicators to show on bottom of the screen -> Preferences -> Visual settings -> Indicator -> Indicator position-> Bottom of screen
To take advantage of the large resolution 128x128 icons included in this theme, you can display the icons in a larger size on your screen -> Preferences -> Visual settings -> Icons -> Icon size -> Large size.
Set folder preview style -> Apex settings -> Folder Settings -> Folder preview -> Fan.
Set Appdrawer background transparency -> Apex settings -> Drawer Settings -> Drawer background transparency -> set to 50%.
Set the Appdrawer icon of the dock on the right side -> Simply drag the appdrawer shortcut icon to the far right side of the dock.
Select fan view in folder preview -> ADW Settings -> Folders -> Folder Previews -> Fan
Set the Appdrawer icon of the dock on the right side -> Simply drag the appdrawer icon to the far right side of the dock.

Tool management Moborobo Android Devices

Software strongly support a full range of machines from Android and iOS-specific contacts iphone taking out 3 flash format always, very well written out to ease the loss, call logs retrieved ok .... There are many things to explore ...

1 of visualization software:



Update 13/04/2013

Moborobo v2.1.0 change log:
iOS & Android
1. Added the Valentine skin; 
For iOS
1. Added the Wallpaper download Center for iOS;
2. Added the PandaApp Ringtone download center for iOS;
3. Added MMOSITE Video resource center for iOS.

Bug Fixes
1. Improved the WiFi connection module;
2. Fixed the issue of image loading failure on iOS devices;
3. Fixed the image sorting error after editing it;
4. Fixed the issue of importing contacts failure on some PC with lower .NET Framework version;
5. Fixed the overlapped download task on download queue;
6. Fixed the image display error when editing images; 
7. Fixed the devices connection number error when more than one devices are connected.

Pool Break Pro

Play full version of the category of Pool table break. Play against the computer playing online or with easy things you choose.

Fieldrunners HD

Game Fieldrunners HD is one of the award-winning game Tower Defense games, one game for Android offline goalkeeper genre. You will buy the building and bunkers, forts, ... to prevent the enemy advance. Most people when they download and play the game Fieldrunners HD feel happy and appreciate this game keeper.


game android Fieldrunners HD Fieldrunners HD   Game Android thủ thành tuyệt vời

You can download Fieldrunners HD game for your phone and join the game.

Source : androi phones

Fruit Ninja HD

Sometimes when the simplicity do should a game attractive. Only need surfing hands to guillotine hoa results, Game fruit ninja has achieved his goal is discharge stress and can currently caste individuals. .

Source : androi phones

Gun Strike 3D shooting game for free on Android phones

icon down Game bắn súng Gun Strike 3D cho Androidgunstrike3d.apk

Game Gun Strike 3D genre shooter for Android, to evaluate the Gun Strike 3D we have to give this game 5 stars, 1 shooter culmination, with 3D graphics of its games made ​​players feel see likes interesting and want players Now when step into game, audio of game very standard and vivid increasingly do manic chalk, thing that 1 game shoot guns need must have to create feeling for gamers when playing. Style gameplay breeds with Half-life, Punching Dimensions help for those devotees of supersharp this game can not be ignored 1 game worth playing such as game Gun Strike 3D
game ban sung gun strike 3d cho android Game bắn súng Gun Strike 3D cho Android

Repair boot Guide Optimus 3D with USB

1: Remove the battery and connect the phone to the computer at the receiving computer OMAP4430
2: install the driver in the directory omap4boot-for_optimus-v1.22
3: Run start_fastboot.bat valam as instructed, to see the LG logo
4 to dowloadmod by pressing Vol + key and plug usb cable is then run on the file
run SmartFlashTool_External.exe

link dowload :
and open the folder BOOTV21E chonBOOTV21E_AP.bin & BOOTV21E_CP.fls

press the star button

completed the above steps, you can then reflash rom machine




Root, Install Recovery automated phone SKY

 click root Tools and Hardware Installation Recovery
1. Tools root Made printed VietNam:
Just one click, you can root the machine is easy:
- V.1 currently supports Root the line machine SKY: A830, A840, A850 in Android 4.1.2
- How to use:
B1: Driver Install ADB and Fastboot Driver by the following guidelines:
B2: Choose mode USB debugging (Setting / system / Deverloper options/USB debugging). Plug the phone into the computer.
B3: Running file: SkyRooting.exe. Choose machine name and version Android. Press Perform root and sit wait approximately 1 minutes is ok
Link down:
2. Tool run Recovery hard:
- V.1: currently supports Root the line machine SKY: A830, A840, A850 in Android 4.1.2
B1: Install apk according to link follows:
B2: Run application and press into: Running Flash Recovery. The program will automatically download and flash the Recovery of the machine.

Source : androi phones

[galaxy mini s5570i] root,cwm, rom stock,rom cook

1. STOCK ROM 2.3.6

Up through the Recovery of the default DC also. Use the key combination Volume (+) Home Power




2. JellyPlus v.3

Pic :
Source : androi phones

ROM from XDA for S5830i

Here I would like to introduce one more rom cook for galaxy ace s5830i, it's rom v1.3 Ace Cream, collected on xda forum

Ace Cream v1.3 include:
15 toggle toolbar (the little button in the notification bar that ^ ^)
Google bootanimation
Additional Rafael.baugis latest kernel (the kernel is very good)
Google chrome mod for ARMv6 chip (mod Dynasty, where k must be original: D)
Amended GUI
6 different screen lock type (can be adjusted in rom setting)
Change pop-up window
Using the Xperia launcher (very nice and smooth)
ICS Theme
Especially this rom no bugs (the structure mod commented on xda)
And here is the rom link:
Link to ROM V1.3: AceCream
Link to V1.3 Required Patch: Patch AceCream
Me 2 file down the house (a very important patch that V.13)
Note the need to return the computer to the new FW xxla2 dc rom home, and for up to FW xxla2 rom will not have anywhere Vietnamese, English full stop
FW xxla2 way up to his rom here:
First down on odin extract
Next down the Samsung drivers (this to your dt odin recognize it) and then install to the C drive SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones_2.exe
Finally xxla2 FW down, unzip the folder 1
Give dt into downloading mode mode by pressing volume + volume - and power button
Plug in the USB cable, turn on odin to see if the line id: com is yellow
Look down below you click on the PDA -> select the file PDA_S5830i_XXLA2.tar.md5, Phone -> MODEM_S5830i_DDLA1.tar.md5, CSC -> MODEM_S5830i_DDLA1.tar.md5
Select the file is complete, press start, wait how h dt self reboot is finished (note when looking up FW k dc disconnect, turn off the computer, ... such that dt will always have to go down the warranty)
What did you do well with the same brick that is all right unbrick.
Link FW Vietnamese stock for anyone who loves spending S5830iDXLD2_OLBLD1_DXLD1 phongvu005.rar (dc rom FW k house, up to the capacity xxla2 FW on it)

How rom:
1 / Download and ClockworkMod rom file: then remove all the memory cards (not extract dentist)
2/Tat source, then pressing HOME + POWER + VOLUME UP to enter Recovery Mode
3 / Select Install zip from sd card, select the file just down ClockworkMod
ClockworkMod 4/Trong interface, select wipe data / reset
Advance selection 5/select bottom, then select wipe Davik Cache
6/Tro ClockworkMod original hybrid screen, select install zip from SD card, choose zip from sd card to choose
7/select rom file was down, select yes
8/Wait finished running zip file, select the mount back up and storage
9 / You can look at a mount and storage menu, see the data ... if it has a mount dat then click on it to mount (unmounted then the data) it is also unmount it already is off, do the same with ... system (... here is unmounted or mounted letters home)
10/Xong you back out, go back to install zip from sd card -> Required patch patch flash file require AceCream V1.3 -> yes
11 / Hold back the flash is complete -> reboot system now
So have finished rom
Note: In and ClockworkMod recovery mode, the volume keys to scroll up and down, home key to select, back button to display the

Google boot animation

Google boot animation

Menu  lockscreen

Source : 
androi phones

BitDefender - Free antivirus software for Android

BitDefender has officially provided Android users the free version of antivirus software called Antivirus Free to protect users attacked by malware.
For the BitDefender application, users can completely reassuring, because they will not have to add anything or interested in anything other than configuring the installation and operation of the application. Application of the BitDefender antivirus primarily to provide the user object does not require high security with basic features such as protection against malware, cloud scanning and low impact life pin of the device.
In addition, it is also capable of scanning applications on demand or automatically scanning applications immediately after installation. At the same time, BitDefender application also provides users the ability to detect threats based on cloud computing platforms.
According to recent statistics show that the amount of malware on Android rose to 27% in just 6 months, which is also accompanied by an increase in non-stop spyware tools such as rating passwords, monitoring equipment and wiretapping. Therefore, the launch of BitDefender Antivirus Free software can be said is needed for Android users in the present moment.
You can download for free Bitdefender your device in the link below