BitDefender - Free antivirus software for Android

BitDefender has officially provided Android users the free version of antivirus software called Antivirus Free to protect users attacked by malware.
For the BitDefender application, users can completely reassuring, because they will not have to add anything or interested in anything other than configuring the installation and operation of the application. Application of the BitDefender antivirus primarily to provide the user object does not require high security with basic features such as protection against malware, cloud scanning and low impact life pin of the device.
In addition, it is also capable of scanning applications on demand or automatically scanning applications immediately after installation. At the same time, BitDefender application also provides users the ability to detect threats based on cloud computing platforms.
According to recent statistics show that the amount of malware on Android rose to 27% in just 6 months, which is also accompanied by an increase in non-stop spyware tools such as rating passwords, monitoring equipment and wiretapping. Therefore, the launch of BitDefender Antivirus Free software can be said is needed for Android users in the present moment.
You can download for free Bitdefender your device in the link below


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