Applications Google TV remote controls updated on Android: voice support, easier to use interface

Google TV Remote Interface The newGoogle_TV_remoteGoogle this the new updated applications Google TV Remote for Android in the additional multiple new features and here is the first time it is udpate for the word when it ra eye restoring năm Kho hàng Còn năm 2010. Able to seek / login documents with the same time zone say this is already you can be used with features in the search Google TV 3.0. All these something you have to do that says on my phone, press the button send or search that is complete. Google are also to change the past panel as fail von much to use problem with the nodes D-Pad regular, failed to click on the choose this content easily than the more (you may xem ảnh ứng dụng the new version above but app ver older out bottom posts). All icons are also been making the new and known NET higher than. 


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