[Theme] HTC interface - perfect for Sense UI ROM CyanogenMod 7


The components of this theme:
-Status Bar
-Notification Drawer
-The entire Launcher
-App Drawer
-In-App Titles
-Boot Animation
-HTC app: Claculator
-HTC app: Music
-HTC app: Teeter
-Wallpapers /backgrounds

Guide to create one complete interface Sense UI to 99% (The clock has yet to be turned over). The entire theme, app, wallpapers, ringtones, widgets, font ... to cater for this you can download at the end 

Make sure you are using the Rom CyanogenMod 7 (CM7), because only the new CM7 Theme Chooser app. What is the Theme Chooser you read the following steps :

Recommendation: Should make one backup your phone before performing.

- Step 1: (skip if you do not like the font of HTC, maybe you will get an error if you do not know how to change fonts)
Change Font. You can use ADB or Root Explorer. (Specifically, how to change the font for you to find the 4rum Android)

- Step 2:
Theme installation is complete select  done, run Theme Chooser app in your phone, select and apply NTSense. If the pop-up screen, select apply anyway.
Restart your phone if the icon has not changed.

- Step 3:
Install LP Sense UI (LP essence Launcher Pro Sense UI mod is back and on his subjective assessment smoother then this default CM7 ADW Launcher)
Press the Home key and select it as the default view settings then LP Sense UI as follows:
From the main screen:

Key Menu> Preferences> Sense Mod Configuration
Number of docks select "1"
Dock background choose "Standard"
Home button on app drawer, "markup"
Enable Auto Rotation "unchecked"
Choose effects to your home screen (this depends on each person's preferences). How to set screen effects as follows:
Key Menu> Preferences> Homescreen Settings> Transition Effect> "Rotate 2"

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