Tool management Moborobo Android Devices

Software strongly support a full range of machines from Android and iOS-specific contacts iphone taking out 3 flash format always, very well written out to ease the loss, call logs retrieved ok .... There are many things to explore ...

1 of visualization software:



Update 13/04/2013

Moborobo v2.1.0 change log:
iOS & Android
1. Added the Valentine skin; 
For iOS
1. Added the Wallpaper download Center for iOS;
2. Added the PandaApp Ringtone download center for iOS;
3. Added MMOSITE Video resource center for iOS.

Bug Fixes
1. Improved the WiFi connection module;
2. Fixed the issue of image loading failure on iOS devices;
3. Fixed the image sorting error after editing it;
4. Fixed the issue of importing contacts failure on some PC with lower .NET Framework version;
5. Fixed the overlapped download task on download queue;
6. Fixed the image display error when editing images; 
7. Fixed the devices connection number error when more than one devices are connected.


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