Stock ROM v 1.2 for ST8 & ST10

Here we go! The ST10 ROM's are tested and working. The ST8 ROM's I'm 95% sure will work. They are identical to the ST10 ROM's but using the ST8 ROM dump that was posted.

Karbonn Stock Plus ROM v1.2

To be flashed in stock recovery. Now has to stock vold.fstab which determines how your SD card is mounted. So if you want to swap "internal <-> external" then you'll have to change the vold.fstab using the method in the original post.

Karbonn Custom ROM v1.0

To be flashed in TWRP recovery. The "internal <-> external" SD card zips are from Crystal Clear and should work for your ROM. Maybe ankitdaruler will be willing to test them out first and also verify that the switch vold.fstab looks correct. If it's not then let me know.

There is also an additional apps package which includes the following:

Amazon Appstore
AnTuTu Benchmark
BetterBatteryStats - XDA Edition
Humble Indie Bundle
CPU Stats

I'm sure that ankitdaruler will add this info to the original post but here is a general list of what's in this ROM:

  • TabletUI enabled
  • Most Google Apps Installed (except a few that decrease tablet performance)
  • Deodoxed Apps and Framework
  • Replaced stock launcher with Nova Launcher
  • Improved Touch Sensitivity and Response
  • Nexus 7 Fingerprint
  • Improved Market Compatibility
  • Removed Bloatware
  • Rooted with SuperSU
  • Init.d Support
  • Data/app folder support
  • Network Improvement Tweaks
  • Dalvik VM, Kernel and CPU Tweaks
  • Improved battery life
  • Improved temperature control (less overheating)
  • Lag reduction
  • Force close and freezing fixes
  • Increased Microphone input volume
  • Performance2 Governor Tweaks
  • SD card speed tweaks
  • Video and Image quality improvements
  • Default United States, EST Time Zone and English
  • Hide Android Debug Icon and ADB Enabled by default
  • ZipAlign and Database Defrag on boot
  • Custom Boot Animation


Segmentation fault (freezing) when in settings/apps. This happens in almost every custom ROM. Use an app like Titanium backup instead.

What's Next?

This will take me a bit longer since I'm working on several ROM's right now:
  • Gameloft License check loop/crash fix
  • Battery percentage mod
  • Default settings for System App
  • Additional Locales/Languages


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