[Android 4.3] ActiveNotifications - The application icons show the same clear message to Moto X

ActiveNotifications Moto X Active Display clone
When Motorola introduced Moto Droid X and the new range, the company has introduced the Active Display feature enables you to display the notification icon on the lock screen in a clear and easy to understand, not just flashing LEDs. Now, a programmer has written a tool that functions similarly named ActiveNotifications. This application uses the service "Notification Listener" of Android 4.3 to manage messages sent to the system so it will not impact the battery life. In addition, there ActiveNotification ability to recognize when you're to the phone in the bag, the wallet, or the machine upside down, in which case the machine will not notice, just as Motorola Solutions.

If you are using AMOLED screen devices, such as Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition, the power saving features of ActiveNotifications automatically activated. Then, like the Moto X, the black pixels will not pop up, only the message should appear more save more battery.

Unfortunately, because using "Notification Listener" with the only Android 4.3, so you must use Android 4.3 device (ROM Cook or the owners are), the new ActiveNotifications run. This Android version currently only available for the current machine and HTC Nexus One and Samsung Galaxy S4 "Google Play Edition", a number of other machines, only Cook ROM. Programmer app developers should ActiveNotifications said he would write to the older Android version if more people are interested in this stuff.

Download Google Play or ActiveNotifications : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.greatbytes.activenotifications
Download directly install the APK file of ActiveNotifications


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