[GUIDE] [HOW-TO] Install Adobe Flash Player on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

As announced directly from Adobe, Android will no longer support Flash Player to the latest version of the OS and then Google came home on devices not just the Flash Player.
Is not officially supported, but that does not mean that Flash Player can not be installed on our device with Android Jelly Bean 4.1.

Here, in fact, a small guide to follow to install Adobe Flash Player .

1) Download the file flash_player version

Download the file. Apk of Flash Player version 11.1-111115012:http://d-h.st/wPd
(26/08 )Download the file flash_player version :http://d-h.st/7Ds
( 09/10/2012)Download the file flash_player version :http://d-h.st/JXC
(NEW 11/07/2013)Download the file flash_player version : http://d-h.st/QgT

WARNING: Users are advised that the flash player does not work with Chrome!

Dolphin Browser HD 8.5.1 APK (Supports Flash):http://d-h.st/3ZS
[GUIDE] Jellybean, Flash, and Dolphin Browser with pinch zoom working:http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1846225

Dolphin-Browser 3.01.apk:http://d-h.st/FsH
Latest version of Dolphin Browser : Dolphin Browser

2) Copy your files to the SD card of your Android device. (Be it tablet or smartphone, it makes no difference)
3) Install it using any File Manager.
4) Start the Browser
5) Go into the Browser settings and uncheck the option of Flash Player (on demand or always on at your discretion)
6) Finally you have the latest version of Flash also Android!

NB Adobe Flash Player is not officially supported and therefore the speed of loading of Flash objects in HTML pages is not guaranteed at the highest levels. However, as tested, Flash Player behaves well with satisfactory results.

Video on how to install flash player on any Jelly Bean device,kindly provided by RC qbking77



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