Firefox 24 beta for Android released: WebRTC support, web sharing through NFC, additional nighttime reading mode

Mozilla has recently released versions of Firefox 24 Beta for Android. The browser now supports WebRTC, a standard browser allows access to multimedia hardware (such as cameras, microphones on the phone, computer) without having to install any plug-ins. With WebRTC, users can call each other via the browser, and the PC version of Firefox has long supported features. WebRTC course is still only in the testing phase but not yet formally put into operation. In addition, Mozilla has added the ability for Firefox 24 Beta sharing sites are open through NFC, allowing access to the web application from the main menu, better support for text-to-text (provided assistance for the visually impaired).

In addition, Mozilla also additional mode Night Mode with black background, white text for features of Firefox 24 Beta Reader. Reader is a tool for displaying images and content of websites in a separate interface to limit distractions, like Safari's Reader. The Night Mode will help supplement our web browser night without eyestrain as Day mode (white background, black text) by default.


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