That you can use the Android Device Manager, tool for search devices Android


Last week Google launched Android Device Manager, search tool and locate your Android machine if the machine is lost, similar to the Find My Phone's iOS, Windows Phone or Sony Xperia USA. All you need to do to locate the machine is accessing the site, no need to install any app on the mobile device, as long you have logged on this website with the same Google account on your Android machine is stable. Wait a moment, the exact location will appear on Google Maps. You can see the updates of the latest positions and addresses of devices are appearing, accuracy.

Besides, you are also allowed to issue commands for Android devices to easily find more rings or completely erase data on the worst case scenario it is stolen. If you use multiple machines at the same time, you can also find the location of each one, just you have logged in to your Google account on a computer that is.

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