Star B94M / B943 MTK 6589 Quadcore

Star B943 (B94M) MTK6589 Quad Core 4.5Inch 1GB RAM 4GB ROM Dual Camera 5.0MP+12MP WCDMA 3G Dual SIM Card SmartpPhone

Please pay attention, there are two versions of this devices on the Market!!!
One is with Dualcore and the other one is with Quadcore MTK6589.

So be carefully with Flashing and Rooting the devices.

There is already some progress with CWM and Root on German Forum.

-------------------------------------------------------- Testing LeWa Port Rom -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Update 07.05.2013: LeWaport_Star_B94M_22.05.13_cm08

My friends here comes a new LeWaport (cmod08) based on the stable release for Amoi N828.
If your already on lewa simple make backup, install, wipe dalvik and cache after install, all others look instructions below.

Known bugs: Wifi nvrambug, with my fix bluetooh is only working after factory reset or resore data.

Update 07.05.2013: LeWaport_Star_B94M_08.05.13_cm04

Dear friends of LeWa here is a Test version based on LeWa Amoi N828 
This version is rooted with gapps, no need to load these.
Hints for install:
1. Boot to CWM or TWRP Recovery
2. Make backup including boot and recovery ( TWRP will be installed )
3. Wipe System partition 
4. Install
6. Reboot and be happy 

Known errors: some chinese apps and strings, noLED patch still needed
Further steps: bugfixing, try to port multilanguage support (don´t hesitate to help )
New logo needed

-------------------------------------------------------- Hints for 4.2.1 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Update 03.05.2013: Batterylive improvement

User slein has submitted selfcoded apk for LED Fix ! Thanks to him!!!!

There are a lot of activities to fix sporadical battery drain. Following APK seems to be workaround install the app and disable LED notification with widget. Thx to all testers!

Good Batterytool 

Update 26.04.2013: Japanese 4.2.1 JB-image from needrom 

Well running 4.2.1 from needrom
for most users, please read carefully instructions, do backup (Titanium and/or CWM/TWRP) before update 
and make Factory reset as described, to avoid most problems!

Howto Root 4.2.1 and GPS-Fix by JBrandtner

---------------------------- Hints for 4.1.2. --------------------------------------------------------

Update 18.04.2013: Wifi Mac change Fix ( Thx to okupka )

- use these file (make backup before!!!) with this guide and you are done 

Update 12.04.2013: Different Sound improvements

People who have problems with sound try this link from Zopo-Forum
or from Patchworkoftips

Update 11.04.2013: Data Resize partition to 2.74GB Detailed description from here

1. We backup with recovery. 
2. Unloaded and 2.74GB decompressed data (Thx to spanish friends! ). 
3. SP Open Flashtool and as we have done before installing the recovery in scatter-loading MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc.txt select the file in the folder where we unzipped 2.74GB Data 
4. We ensure that only EBR1 and EBR2 are marked. 
5. We Give to Download, accept the prompt, connect via USB the phone off the PC. As with the recovery if the process fails, disconnect the cable, remove and put the battery and repeat this step. 
6. If all goes well, will back the green circle. Disconnect the phone from the PC. 
7. Now we go back to recovery (Turn on the phone by holding the power key + volume +). 
8. In the recovery do wipe data / factory reset. 
9. Optionally if you want to restore the data and installed applications we advance restore, choose the backup you made ​​in step 1, and finally we give to Restore data. 
10. Reboot from recovery. In this first boot after repartitioning we may see a notification saying the phone storage is damaged, then click in it. It will show a dialog box asking if you want to format the SD card, does not refer to the External SD but the phone's internal memory, so we do not fear clicking on Format. After doing the latter, voila, you have the Data partition (where apps are installed) extended to 2.74GB

Update 08.04.2013: 3G improvement
if phone is already root
Install from market the mobileuncle tools. 
-> enter engineer mode (MTK). 
-in modemtestactivity change "factory" for "telephone". 
-in "band mode" GSM mode uncheck the "PCS1900." 

New TWRP Recovery available here

Update 03.04.2013: Networklocation Fix

by radekfor: i think i solved cell location problem.
Simply install latest Gapps for JB 4.1.2 

-> boot to Recovery ( Mobileuncle Tools, or Quickboot,.... ) -> Install zip from SD-Card , ....

Update 28.03.2013: Working on JB 4.1.2

Here you go at your own risk  
CWM 5504 and Root here;
German instruction here
New SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1304.0.119

After extracting the zip file:

1. Debug Mode in the Developer Tools Switch
2. Install the drivers ( others may work better, e.g. pdanet )
3. The from third copy to the external SD card
4. Phone off and take out battery
5. using the SPFTools load in directory 2. Scatterdatei -> load and Recovery.img, boot.img and flash (press download and then return battery back)
6. Disconnect the data cable after green OK
7. When switching power and Vol + hold when the Green Man comes release Power and Vol + hold on.
8. In CWM now make complete backup, after this install zip from SDcard install the superuser zip ... JB 4.2.1 may need other tools look here found by #90
9. skip step 7 +8 and install superuser using the MTKdroidtools and make backup (but it takes a relatively long time)
10. You can now delete with MTK Droidtool some China-apps." 


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