Custom ROM v 1.0.1 for ST8 and ST10

@ sudersanmurthy - You are welcome. Sometimes I feel like I don't do a good job explaining but I try my best because I don't want people to accidentally brick their tablets. As others said, in the case of "ro.ui.tabletui=true" you can use any of those methods but my prefered method would be to use a # sign and then leave it in the build.prop. Then later if you decide you want it back, removing the # will be the quickest edit.

@ vpandey - Sorry I thought this was common knowledge. You can not update YouTube or the Flash player. The versions put on all of these foreign tablets and in custom ROM's will work because they are either old or hacked to work. There was a change in the way both apps interact with the Android OS and to use the newest versions from the play store market would require some major code editing and I've heard also compiling the ROM from source. To get YouTube back you can either flash one of my ROM's or grab the .apk out of one of the ROM packages, move it to system/app or data/app, set permissions and reboot.

I don't understand your second question. Are you asking if you can go into full-screen mode or if you can change the launchers appearance so more icons fit on the home screens? The answer to the first question would be no, it's up to app developers to put the proper code for full screen mode on their apps. The answer to the second question would be yes, you can customize the appearance of your launcher. Look for "nova settings" app and mess around with it. You can change the margins around the edges, change the number of rows and columns, the number of home screens, etc. There are also many other free Launchers on the market like ADW or APEX. The paid versions tend to have more features than the free ones but the free ones are still good.

@ KSKHH - It depends on what kind of games you are trying to play. It's generally a good idea to close all your apps if you are about to sit down and play a graphics intensive game. A little hang is expected on higher end games because these tablets aren't high end, probably like GTA III for example might lag a bit. The custom ROM's tweak many kernel and vm parameters to hopefully free up more resources for games to perform better. You probably aren't going to get a completely lag free tablet but it should be much better. If you are getting really serious lags, like two seconds or more and very frequently, then you should check your logcat to see what is happening and if it is throwing any errors.


Anyways, here is the best option for the YouTube app - YT_4.1.23_WiFi_HD.apk
It will only be up for a limited time so grab it while its there or look up that exact file name and you should be able to find other places to download it.

Here are the Karbonn Custom updates. Only change to ST10 is some network speed/buffer tweaks I forgot to put in. ST8 is ready to test again, hopefully it works this time. If it does and there is the weird touchscreen issue again, I'll need a logcat to see what's going on.


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