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The site claims to be free but asks for your credit card to "activate your free membership" (which is all a con).


  • News Feed: See who has viewed your profile and sent you emails in the news feed section.
  • Messages: See messages that you have received.
  • Date Requests:
  • Friends Requests: See who wants to be your friend.
  • Profile Views: See who has viewed your profile.


This site is connected to numerous dating scams sites as,,,,, and Read the full review below.

Fake Girls AKA "Online Regents" Used Lure Men Into Upgrading

We're not sure if you're aware of it or not but did you realize that you needed to agree to the terms and conditions when you created your free account on the home page of the site. Part of the agreement involves acknowledging that you will be taking part in the "Online Regent" program (see evidence below). You can learn more about what the "Online Regent" program consists of so you don't get taken in by this deception.

Free Access That Actually Charges Your Credit Card $80 Per Month! 

After you register for a so-called free account on this site you're immediately asked for your credit card information. They state that "your credit card will not be charged for your free access membership" but this is completely false. If you take a look at the evidence below you will see that you do end up getting charged $39.95 per month from And also you are enrolled in a platinum VIP membership to the site at $39.95 a month. The total cost adds up to just under $80.00 per month for something that was supposed to be free. This is the first con in a series of cons that this website tries to pull on its members.

Female Profiles Are Actually Fictitious Created By The Site

This site manufactures fake female profiles and they make no qualms about it. You do need to look in the terms and conditions (section 14)where in capital letters it states that they "utilize virtual profiles". The fictitious profiles they use are always female profiles. Using our trusty software we were able to identify numerous photos taken from other sites and then used to make fake profiles in a very short. Photos were found on all types of sites from adult image sites to Unfortunately most web users aren't savvy enough to understand, or too lazy to read the terms and conditions of the site. But unfortunately the site does create the fake profiles this makes it seem as if the dating site has thousands of women seeking men to hook up with. This of course is completely false and the real percentage of men to women is probably 99:1 if that. You can see evidence of all of the fake profiles we found while researching for this review. We have also provided links to the exact locations where the profile photographs are found on other websites.


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