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Playing Clash of Clans (iOS | Android) on PC isn’t possible officially but still here is a guide on how to download Clash of Clans for PC covering the legit way you can follow.
You may have heard about BlueStacks or Andy or YouWave, which are the three most popular platforms that can help you play this Android compatible game right on your computer. There is no change between Android and iOS version of the game and so you need not worry about playing either one.

Why Play Clash of Clans on PC?
The method I’ll be adding down here will require initial setup and particular installation procedure. You got no other option because officially, it’s not possible to play Clash of Clans online. That’s because official developers haven’t released any official online website version of it yet.
Download Clash of Clans for PC
So the only options you left with is to have a compatible iOS or Android OS running devices or play Clash of Clans on PC. Now, to go with the first case, you need to buy either iPhone, iPad or any Android-powered smartphone or tablet with at least 8GB of internal storage and 1GB of RAM, which both are the costlier option.

Alternatively if you have a PC with at least 4GB of RAM and HD standard of the graphics driver, then you need not worry about anything. Since here I’ll let you know how to play Clash of Clans on PC easily.
Requirements you need to take care of
There are many reasons why people still don’t prefer using BlueStacks or any other Android emulator software. This is mainly because they don’t get better user experience while using them which is primarily because of compatibility issues.
Clash of Clans 1
Every software (including BlueStacks) have certain software and hardware requirements you need to take care of before starting its installation.
Down here I’m first sharing those elements your PC needs to be match with to skip all those pure experience you may have otherwise. Following are the requirements you need to take care.
  1. Your PC needs to have at least 4GB of RAM. Having 2GB or lesser won’t help as you’re about to use second OS on your primary one.
  2. The video card driver (also known as graphic or display driver) needs to upgraded to the latest version that is compatible with HD standard of graphics.
If this graphics related requirement isn’t matched, then forget about installing Clash of Clans on PC since this game runs on full HD resolution of graphics.

There is no other way to run BlueStacks without updating graphics driver since the game you’re planning to play needs that badly.
Even if your computer isn’t compatible then buying an extra RAM and adding a dedicated graphics driver won’t cost you much. Also, it will improve the PC performance to a great extent. So it’s for the good cause.
Now, How to Download Clash of Clans for PC
Since you’re aware of all Clash of Clans PC requirements then let us begin with the exact process you need to go through.
Just follow the below-mentioned guide that will follow you through installing BlueStacks and then using the same software to install Clash of Clans on computer.
Here I’ll be adding brief description only but you can off course check my dedicated and complete guide covering every aspect of BlueStacks installation over here.
Step 1 – Download Begin with downloading BlueStacks on your computer first. I recommend going for the online installer as it will help you get latest software while you can also try going for BlueStacks offline installer.
Step 2 – Next is to start installing it. You just need to double click on installer file and then follow the on screen instructions to complete things from your side.
Step 3 – Once installed, start the software then. Within itself you’ll find a search tool. Click on that.
BlueStacks 1
Step 4 – Find ‘Clash of Clans game’, and you’ll find a clickable link that will take you to Google play store listing.
BlueStacks 2
Step 5 – You’ll be asked to set up synchronization feature now that will require you to login using a Google account. Do that as you can’t skip it.
BlueStacks 6
Step 6 – Once login is done, you’ll be back at search page where you need to click on the link and then click on the game link in Google play store.
BlueStacks 5
Step 7 – Next, click on ‘install’ option that will begin the downloading of Clash of Clans game on computer.
Once the downloading process is over, then it will be installed automatically where you don’t need to do anything.

Once installed completely, you’ll have a notification on top in BlueStacks and then you can run Clash of Clans game on computer and start playing.
This was the whole process to get Clash of Clans on PC, and I hope you found everything working without any issues.
About Clash of Clans game play
So I hope everything went smoothly above but since this game is of significant size so it will take some time to get completely installed. Till it gets ready, you can read this part where I’ll let you know sure help and cracks in playing Clash of Clans like a pro.
As you must be aware of, it’s a strategy game in which everything depends on how well you’re at developing strategies not just for your enemies but also for your fortress.
Related Tutorial –
When Clash of Clans on computer starts, you’ll have precise instructions from profiles within and you’ll be offered a village with individual resources and builders. You need to tap on element icons and get them build up.
First of all you need first to make hometown, gold storage and Elixir storage and Elixir extractor. You also need to train troops you got and sent them over to the first battle that is very easy to win.
Both gold and Elixir are used as money for trading that will in return help you get train your troops, buy weapons, unlock new achievements and forces, upgrade already existing elements and build a complete fortress.
There are only two builders and every part requires a specific set of time. So you need to keep a lot of patience and use both builders wisely.
Other than gold and Elixir, there are also certain Gems available for you. These Gems can help you buy gold coins and elixir whenever you’re short of any of them. In short, Gems help you keep growing.
People are always looking for ways to get free gems of Clash of Clans game but it’s not possible unless you’re offered them as award. You may even find lots of Clash of Clans gem cracks available online but I recommend you not to opt them as they may harm your system by inserting or bringing any malicious file.

The only way to use gems at best is to spend them wisely and when you’re too short of them then buy by paying certain money. Related options are available under storage (in Resources).
Clash of Clans gameplay is really easy. You need to concentrate on three things. First is to keep your fortress and all related elements as upgraded as possible, second is to keep on training troops and keep army camp always full and ready to swing in battle, third and final one is to keep on attacking on other kingdoms that will bring elixir and gold coins in return with victory.
So the Clash of Clans gameplay isn’t that tough but you need to keep a lot of patience and have a long strategy all the time. You need to think bigger every time otherwise you may end up on losing side most of the times.
In starting, you can search for Clash of Clans YouTube videos over search engines that will return you Clash of Clans videos. Watch them all the time and they will help you gain a lot of inside without even starting with your own gameplay.
There are many channels covering Clash of Clans video tutorials that will help you learn creating strategies and how to use elements wisely in order to win battles.
So help yourself with all these things and you’ll surely find a better way. And also don’t go for any guide offering ways to get free Clash of Clans gems as they will use cracks and other malicious ways.
Everything inside comprise of full HD standard of graphics which clearly offer great game playing experience. Together with the graphics, sound track is also going through which I’m sure you’ll get addicted with. Using every tool is pretty easy and everting is well labeled.

In short, get read to have an awesome Clash of Clans game playing experience right on your computer, as you now know the way of Clash of Clans for PC game download.
Now I should wrap things from my side hoping that you find this guide helpful and going to share it with all your social friends. Good luck with playing Clash of Clans on PC.


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