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VIP Voice is an online research panel owned and operated by the NPD Group.

Its parent company was founded in 1967 to provide market information and advisory services to businesses in order to improve decision making.
Today it boasts over 3 million users on its panel and an active and diverse array of available survey industries. It also outsources some of its survey taking operations to the Toluna Group.
VIP Voice has associations with some of the world’s leading companies to help develop them with product development, pricing, distribution and other major decisions by assessing the opinions of consumers as well as retailers.
VIP Voice conducts more than 12 million annual surveys. Its surveys help businesses improve their decisions regarding strategic planning, product development, marketing, sales and measuring results.
As members of the online research community, VIP Voice’s users have a direct impact about the products they buy, the services they use, the stores they shop in and more.
VIP Voice’s surveys cover a wide range of industries and categories ranging from: Accessories, Apparel, Automotive, Beauty, Consumer Electronics, Entertainment (Music/Video), Food and Beverages, Foodservice, Footwear, Housewares and Small Appliances, Imaging, Information Technology, Mobile Sports, Toys and Video Games.
Some of the key features of VIP Voice’s panel system include:
  • Unlike other paid survey panels, VIP Voice does not offer direct cash rewards in cash or PayPal form or gift cards (through Amazon or other sites). Instead, members can receive the chance to enter into sweepstakes (SweepLand) and auctions (BidLand) by earning points. SweepLand offers the chance to win prizes like cash, electronics and vacations while BidLand enables members to bid on recent auctions for products and services. Additionally, “instant win” opportunities also exist.
  • Rather than providing direct cash and other rewards, VIP Voice uses a point system called “VIP Points.”
  • Outsources some of its survey distribution and measurement responsibilities to Toluna (one of the largest paid survey web panels).
  • Members are eligible to receive special offers from select retailers and commercial partners.
  • The panel states that thousands of users win prizes each month


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