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Welcome to Cartwheel. The first-of-its-kind mobile savings app that makes saving money on the things you already buy at Target fun. Choose your savings from over 500 offers. See what your friends are saving on. It's Target savings, mobile style. And there's never been anything like it. 
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Review : Since Target introduced the full version of their Cartwheel shopping app in June, I've been meaning to check it out. I finally had some time to play around with it earlier this week, and my feelings are mixed. I like browsing the "Collections" Lookbooks, which are grouped per category like "Halloween Headquarters" and "Fall Baking". There's also one called "Weekly Ad Double Dip" where you can supposedly get extra savings on top of what's already on sale that particular week.

However, I find the amount of content to be a bit overwhelming when you start to browse "All Categories". For instance, in perusing "Health and Beauty", I had to scroll through pages and pages of offers like 10% off Advil or 5% off Vitamins, only to find no deals on what I really needed (Listerine). Sorry, but when I go to Target for necessities, I want to get in and get out; I don't want to spend a lot of time "browsing for deals" on my smartphone.  Perhaps the point is to take the time before your visit to the store to identify what coupons you want to use and then "save" them in your account.

Cartwheel also connects to your Facebook account (if you allow it to) so you can view what coupons your friends are using. I find this a bit creepy, as I don't really want to know everything my buddies are buying.  And from the looks of this recent log on the TargetStyle Facebook page, Cartwheel is still facing some technical issues, with folks reporting that the barcode won't scan upon checkout.

The bottom line? I'll probably use Cartwheel to check for deals before heading to Target if I'm shopping for something specific in housewares, clothing, electronics, etc. - in other words, anything with a substantial price-point where the savings are significant. Otherwise, I don't find 5-15% off items that are under $5 worth chasing down.


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