Root LG Optimus G on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Firmware

When the Optimus G was released in November 2012, it was seen as a powerful contender to challenge the Galaxy S3. It introduced several new features that looked far more superior to S3 but quite mysteriously the device failed to do the magic for its maker. TheOptimus G is definitely a powerhouse in itself and if you own this smartphone, you can make it even more efficient byrooting.
Some of the reasons why rootingbecomes so important for an Android device user is the possibilities it offers. Having a rooted device, you can do things that those with a non-rooted device can only dream off. You can install some really useful apps that require root access on your device. These app can help you improve your phone’s performance, get betterbattery life, remove bloats, backup your device’s data, move apps to SD card and so on.
The advantages of owning a rooted phone does not end up here. You can also choose from a lot of custom ROMs that offer more features and better performance out of your device. If you do not have  a rooted device, you  have not yet tasted the whole of Android. To know more about rooting and different perspectives associated with it, you can read our detailed articles:
So, if you are are interested in rooting your LG Optimus G, we are here with an easy root tool-kit that can do the job very smoothly and safely. The root method works on all Optimus G devices that do not have locked bootloader and have Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware installed on them. You should also be aware of the fact that rooting an Android device voids its warranty and the procedure of achieving might prove risky if you do not follow it carefully.


  • Download the rooting package for the Optimus G: Motochopper.Zip
  • Download and install LG USB Drivers on your computer
  • Rooting usually does not wipe your phone’s data and apps but it is strongly recommended that you create a backup of your contacts, messages, apps, etc. 
  • Turn on USB Debugging on your Optimus G from Settings> Developer Options.
  • Make sure your phone has good level of battery left on it before you proceed.

Step-by-Step Guide to Rooting Optimus G:

  1. Extract the “” file on your computer.
  2. Connect your Optimus G to computer using a USB cable.LG-Optimus-G-Root-Motochopper
  3. Now double click the “run.bat” file.
  4. Doing this will prompt a command window like shown above. Just hit the Enter key on your computer’s keyboard.
  5. The Super User will be flashed to your phone and it will then reboot automatically.

Rooting Optimus G on Mac and Linux:

The method can also be used to root Optimus G on Mac and Linux but for that, you;ll have to launch a terminal window and type the following command:
cd Downloads/motochopper
cd motochopper
chmod 755 *
sudo sh
When the Optimus G boots up, it should have root access. You can verify the root by installing a free app called Root Checker from the market and running it.
Root Checker
Root Checker
Download @
Google Play
Developer: joeykrim
Price: Free
In case, your phone does not boot up normally after following the above procedure, long press the Power Key of your device and repeat the steps described above. If you have any question or doubts related to the topic, do share with us via comments below!


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